Our range of products listed above has been tested and proven in all types and types of banknotes, we can clean and reactivate negative black, green, white, etc. Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling, Japanese Yen, Kuwaiti dinar, Emirati Dirham, Malaysian Ringgit and all other local and international currencies that we are able to restore to their original form. We sell chemicals at very good prices and the delivery is 100% discreet and secure by a world-class transport agency. We can send you highly qualified technicians in all countries of the world to do commission cleaning services. Our technicians are able to do all types of manual cleaning and machine cleaning with the 2018 automatic 3D laser machine .

  • SSD Super Automatic Product
  • SSD solutions mercurial
  • SSD Supreme Solutions
  • SSD Universal Solutions
  • Belisa powder, powder preservation for all types of notes, activation and re-activation powder
  • Sky blue water for intensive cleaning
  • Vector paste, Castrol oxide
  • Assay for test
  • Automated money development machine
  • Fusion of frozen chemicals

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